Sea Shepherd Tattoo welcomes Guest Tattoo Artists in the Sea Shepherd Tattoo studio in Amsterdam.

Want to contribute to a great cause in an artistic way? We are always looking for experienced guest tattoo artists for our Sea Shepherd Tattoo studio. Tattoo artists are invited to come over and work in our Sea Shepherd Tattoo studio in Amsterdam in order to raise awarenes as well as generating funds for Sea Shepherd. All benefits go to Sea Shepherd! Sea Shepherd Tattoo will promote the visiting tattoo artist on the various social media. Tattoo artists and studios are invited to take photos and/or videos and promote their support via their own social media.

We kindly ask the visiting guest artist to confirm agreement with the following:

• Support Sea Shepherd and the causes we fight for.
• Donate his/her time, talent and earnings while working in the Sea Shepherd Tattoo studio. 100% benefits go to Sea Shepherd as a general rule. If an artist requires reimbursement then we offer a maximum refund of 30% (based on the actual tattoo turnover for scheduled days in our studio). Refunds only count for costs directly related to working in the Sea Shepherd Tattoo studio.
• Be willing to promote guest appearance in the Sea Shepherd Tattoo studio. We ask to send us up to 5 photos, preferable ocean related designs, in order to announce the guest visit on our socials.
• Preferably make ocean related work.
• Use vegan ink and aftercare. Vegan ink by Quantum will be available.
• Proactively look for clients, using own network and socials.
• We’ll promote your visit online and forward any clients interested.
• Studio opening hours are Tue-Sat from 11:00 – 17:00, however we can arrange for you to work outside these hours.
After your guest spot at the Sea Shepherd Tattoo Studio in Amsterdam, Sea Shepherd Tattoo will present an official, special Certificate of Support!

The Sea Shepherd Tattoo Studio opened March 10th 2018 and is officially registered and approved. The Sea Shepherd Tattoo studio is located in Amsterdam’s museum district, easily accessible by car and public transport.
Regular opening hours are Tuesday – Saturday from 11:00 – 17:00. Tattoo appointments may also be made outside these hours. If you have any questions please contact us at

The Sea Shepherd TATTOO STUDIO has been shut down