The London Tattoo Convention and Sea Shepherd are calling on all tattoo artists to join us on a mission for the oceans!

This year marks the 200 year anniversary of the sinking of  The Essex, a whaling vessel rammed by a sperm whale in 1820. It was this incident that attracted international attention and inspired Herman Melville to write his famous novel Moby Dick.
Now, we are calling on tattoo artists to create a special marine wildlife/environment themed design. Artists are free to interpret the brief in any style and materials they see fit, providing the design adheres to the theme of marine life and reflects the ethos of Sea Shepherd.

We’re excited to extend our invitation to join THE VICTORY OF THE WHALE – a charity art project which will be presented in an exclusive, high-quality art book, distributed worldwide. Artworks will later be displayed and auctioned for Sea Shepherd at The London Tattoo Convention 2021. All selected artists will be credited in the art book.

Artworks must reflect the ethos of Sea Shepherd and may link to the ramming of The Essex – the historical event which captured the imagination of Herman Melville and inspired his famous tale ‘Moby Dick’. We kindly ask contributing artists to give all the rights to the artwork to Sea Shepherd, to be used on social media, websites and in the art book. This way you will help us to raise awareness as well as money, so we can continue our mission and keep our vessels at sea.

Interested in taking part?
Email us at with a link to your IG profile or website to apply.
Deadline receiving artwork is August 1st.

*Please note we may not be able to accept every applicant and inclusion to the project does not guarantee entrants a position to tattoo at the London Tattoo Convention.
*Design below by cui tattoo 文粹刺青 Hangzhou, China.

design by cui tattoo 文粹刺青